Regulated qualifications in the materials cycle

PIABC Limited is a specialist awarding body with a suite of regulated and nationally recognised qualifications in the materials cycle.

We have been an accredited awarding body for more than 14 years. So, whilst we may have the outlook, innovation and flexibility of a new business; we have the experience and heritage to provide a stable and expert range of qualifications and service to all our customers. 

PIABC Limited is approved by UK Qualification Regulators for England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland - Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), CCEA Regulation (Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment), Qualifications Wales and SQA Accreditation.


Latest news

New clay and wood qualifications

PIABC Limited is pleased to announce that it has added Level 2 Certificate in Clay Technology, Level 3 Certificate in Clay Technology and Level 3 Certificate in Wood Technology and Application to its portfolio of regulated qualifications encompassing the materials cycle. Please contact the PIABC team for further information on these new qualifications.

Best Students 2015/2016

Level 2 Award in Timber and Panel Products and their Uses (QCF) – Best Student 

Winner: Stewart Linford (Didac)

Level 3 Certificate in Packaging (QCF) – Best Student

Winner: Karen Trafford (IOM3 Training Academy)

Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology (QCF) – Best Student

Winner: Nicola Maynard (IOM3 Training Academy)

Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology (QCF) – Best Packaging Related Research Project

Winner: Stephanie Rice (CAFRE (Loughry Campus)) - “The Investigation of Eliminating Static in Shrink Films”

PIABC designation of DipPkgTech

PIABC is pleased to announce that students who have completed either the Level 4 Diploma in Packaging Technology or the Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology (QCF) qualifications are entitled to use the PIABC designation of DipPkgTech.