Level 3 Composites Technician


Composites Technician (ST0094/V1.0) is a Level 3 apprenticeship with an average time on programme of 36 months.  

The standard is assessed through a work-based project and professional discussion (including a viva on the project).  The End Point Assessment period is 3 months.

In order to pass gateway and move to the end point assessment phase apprentices must evidence English and Maths qualifications at Level 2 and a Level 3 Composites Technician Technical Certificate.

Occupation Summary

Composites manufacture is the combining of materials to form a lighter and stronger rigid structure as an alternative to metal. These lightweight rigid structures are essential in the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Renewables industries and are becoming increasingly important in the Oil & Gas, Construction and Rail sectors. The composite industry therefore has an increasing requirement for skilled employees.

A Composites Technician employed within a Composites Manufacturing environment will find themselves at the heart of cutting-edge technologies using state of the art equipment and will become a skilled resource that will be an enabler for manufacturing technologies, processes, and practices.

A Composites Technician is engaged in a variety of processes in the production and creation of materials and components that are used in a range of applications including but not limited to: airplanes, cars, boats, turbine blades, oil & gas rigs, bridges, trains, and satellites. They provide specialised knowledge and skills that support manufacturing programmes and projects and may be deployed in the areas of design, tooling, moulding, lay-up, curing, machining, inspection, testing, repair, and material production. As the Technician grows in competence and expertise, other areas of composite’s technology such as automated manufacture development, preform technologies, processing technologies, validation, and post processing, may form part of their role and responsibility.

End Point Assessment

Work-based project

The apprentice will be required to produce a work-based report during the final 6 months of their apprenticeship of not less than 1500 words, which will be submitted to PIABC prior to the professional discussion for review. This report will enable the apprentice to demonstrate specific work-related tasks. The report gives the apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate to the panel that they understand the company in terms of their products, processes, procedures, tools, equipment, materials, documentation and information systems by showcasing what they have done, what they have learnt and how they have applied this knowledge and skills to real work tasks including solving composites related problems that they have completed in order to demonstrate how they have achieved the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) and professional competence set out in the Standard.

Professional Discussion (including a viva on the work-based project)

A 60-minute discussion, which will include a viva based on the work-based project report produced by the apprentice. The panel will use the report as a basis for testing the KSBs of the apprentice as set out in the Standard. It is a structured and formal discussion between the apprentice and the panel, drawing upon information supplied in the report. It covers both what tasks the apprentice has completed in the workplace, the standard of their work, and the behaviours they have demonstrated throughout, such as, being a team player, having a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, being a responsible employee, self-motivation and a proven commitment to the organisation. This enables the end point assessment to cover a broad range of KSBs

Order of Assessment Methods

The work-based project assessment method must be completed prior to the professional discussion (including a viva on the work-based project) being undertaken.


The standard is graded overall as pass or fail.

Assessment Plan

To view Composite Technician assessment plan visit: https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/media/1204/composites_technician.pdf